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GR can customize its layout and sleeping arrangements for larger families or cater to couples/individuals looking for long term rentals. Remove furniture to make space or provide additional floor to accommodate joint families.
GR is perfect for families or individuals looking for long term economic rentals in Dhaka. Most listings are offering dramatic descriptions amazing view, amazing space, amazing place to justify their not so amazing price.

GR is equipped with all basic amenities + safety & security, simply put best value for money.If u have large family or travelling with elderlys additional beds and space is available on a different floor.

Services & Specialties

1) On request Maid servant/ house keeper services available who will sweep, mob, vacuum, cook & do any other household work if you pay daily $ 2 or $ 5 depend on work load.
2) High speed internet.
3) Roof top beautiful view & fresh air are available on some properties.
4) Car rental services.
5) Tourism Services.
6) Laundry facilities.
7) Fitness club membership.

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